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Paramount Focus Groups & Research

Businesses need feedback from consumers just like you. With Paramount Focus Groups, you can offer your insight into products and services while earning extra cash. Our diverse range of participants make us a popular choice for businesses interested in launching new products or services.

Who We Are

We recruit a diverse range of participants through a careful selection process to ensure you gain the most accurate insight available. We’re always looking for paid participants for upcoming studies, offering a convenient, comfortable location to make it as easy as possible. Each participant is carefully screened to ensure an accurate match for the project.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Paramount Focus Groups provides clients with accurate, up-to-date feedback from targeted groups of consumers just like you. This feedback is used to make informed decisions to achieve better results. Your opinions directly impact business products and services in your community.


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I participated in a focus group that gauged potential juror reactions to a motorcycle accident case. Having not been called in for jury duty in decades, it was an incredible simulation. Then again, you don’t get paid for jury duty!

JT, Summerlin, Focus Group Participant